Paul Cary Goldberg

Paul Cary Goldberg’s Night Watch Gloucester Harbor series takes viewer’s through Gloucester’s dockyard darkness. In the blackness, the shipyard’s night watch sentinels are struck by intense shafts of industrial light. Familiar forms emerge in unexpected light. Pealing paint, rusting trawl doors, and net haulers form abstract combinations. 

Goldberg's Gloucester Marine Railways photographs were taken without any manipulation at the oldest continuously operating ship building yard in the United States; the Gloucester Marine Railways. This site has become an unintended repository for incredible, nearly inconceivable beauty – of colors, objects, shapes, textures and patterns.

Goldberg’s work is in public and private collections throughout the world. He has been in numerous exhibitions, including the Pucker Gallery in Boston, the School House Center in Provincetown, and the Print Center in Philadelphia.

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Goldberg’s work also includes intimate images of Gloucester’s Sicilian community in Tutta La Famiglia: Photographs of Caffe Sicilia.  For a closer look see Tutta La Famiglia

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