The Secret Life of Lines

Extended Thru July 24, 2016

Paul Hackett

Paul Hackett carries an abstract key on a fob of his own making. He tries that key on every door he encounters. What lies behind those doors are secrets to the physiological and psychological basis of visual perception. How do we discern patterns of meaning in the universe, meaning that can’t be drawn from mere scientific facts and theories? What lies behind those locked doors or just over the horizon of our perception? Hackett explores this terrain in a series of painted grids. 

Kathleen George

Kathleen George gives with one hand and takes away with the other in a developing body of work that overlays copper leaf on board that’s then covered by thick layers of paint. She proceeds, with tools in hand, to carve away material in order to create texture and reveal the colors and materials below. Whether up-close or at a distance these shape shifting works grow more intriguing as their sub-surface secrets are revealed in ways surprising to artist and viewer alike.

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James Monday

James Monday has a secret. His early training in graphic design taught him the value of diagrammatic reduction. This methodology helps him clarify his goals while maintaining focus on the concepts behind the work. For an architectural project he’ll make many diagrams that capture a spirit to guide the execution of hundreds of technical drawings. He sorts and selects hundreds of raw photographic files employing the same technique. His secret? He’s a romantic reductionist.