Jon Sarkin   |  Sea Atmosphere

Sea Atmosphere

New Works by Jon Sarkin
2014 - 2015

As most Sarkin watchers and collectors know, he does not wait for the muse to arrive with inspiring news, he punches-in everyday and goes to work. Those familiar with the artist’s previous forms and styles will readily note his new compass heading. Those coming aboard for the first time will encounter a sea of possibilities. 

Sea Atmosphere invites the viewer to stand on your own shore and see what the artist suggests is just over the horizon of our perceptions.

In the Winter of 2014-15, Sarkin hunkered down in his ill-heated Fish City Studio to produce a body of work vastly different from anything he had done before. Using a variety of surfaces and materials, Sarkin took a new course in both composition and color and stimulate our want to make sense of the abstract. 

Sea Atmosphere unfolds the powerful impulses detailed in Pulitzer Prize author Amy Nutt’s biography of the artist, Shadows Bright as Glass

Photo credits: Liam King, Jared Charney                                                                                                                                             More Sarkin  >