Ken Riaf

Ken Riaf’s miniature mixed media assemblages come in weathered wooden boxes and set human figures in ironic, heroic and sometimes, comic situations. The re-imagined worlds, shaped and repurposed from throw-away objects, explore power and place, law and justice, the personal and interpersonal. 

These small worlds suggest perspectives on timeless and timely themes as in Writ, Wrote Right, paying homage to the landmark Supreme Court case establishing the right to legal counsel in criminal cases, Hook, Line, and Sinker depicting the fisherman’s lament, and Shadow of Time showing the relentless clock that measures us.

The assemblages have been featured in The Boston Globe, The Peabody Essex Museum Art & Order, and galleries including: Flatrocks Gallery, Side Street Gallery, Trident Gallery, Zephyr Art Gallery, and the Law & Water Gallery.

An attorney in general practice in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Ken has worked as commercial fisherman and longshoreman, and as a visiting professor teaching law in literature and film at Endicott College and Business Law at Salem State University.  His film work in collaboration with Producer and Director Henry Ferrini, has been shown at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as well as broadcast and screened here and abroad.

  Photograph by David Cox

Photograph by David Cox

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Constructions may be commissioned.

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Photographs by Paul Cary Goldberg