Kathleen George

Law & Water Gallery features a series of copper leaf and acrylic work by Gloucester artist Kathleen George.

For the past ten years, Kathleen has been a nurse with the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program, an organization dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of the city’s growing and vulnerable homeless population  - addressing addiction, frostbite, hypertension, mental health issues, and complex cancer, kidney and liver diseases. 

Two years ago, Kathleen moved to Gloucester to be near the ocean and close to friends. "Balancing work and art is a challenging joy," reflects Kathleen. "Being part of a creative community here moved art more to the center of my life."

  Kathleen George/   Self Portrait

Kathleen George/ Self Portrait

Trained primarily in the classical forms of oil and figure painting, Kathleen is exploring the more life-friendly acrylic medium, pairing it with wood panel and copper leaf. She integrates the copper leaf by breaking and smoothing it over sanded wood panels, using a metal tool to engrave and create texture and designs. She then applies thick and thin coats of vibrant paint layering with copper leaf until the desired effect is achieved. Fine copper bits flash through the colors. Circles, textured colors, streaks of thick jet black, and thinly carved red lines shock the eye's pallet while evoking her surroundings. A circle becomes a reflection in water, a line becomes a horizon where land and sky meet, coppery foil - a shaft of light. Law & Water invites you into Kathleen's world of line and color. 




 Kathellen George /  Double Sun

Kathellen George / Double Sun