Jeffrey Marshall

Now firmly situated in his studio above the tide at the Morse-Sibley wharf in East Gloucester, Jeff Marshall has taken stock of his new surroundings with intricate studies of wharf life.

Marshall, an Art Professor at Mt. Ida College in Newton instructs aspiring artists about the challenges, frustrations, and strategies intrinsic to the creative process. Using his current projects as the basis for classroom assignments, he guides his students in the development of their personal artistic voices through a combination of skill, technique, and concept in basic drawing skills, life drawing, and anatomy.

His summer residency at the Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester last year follows his Cape Ann Museum exhibition and exhibits at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester and Law & Water Gallery in Gloucester.

Marshall continues to explore the waterfront from his perch at the Morse-Sibley Wharf. Braided line. Dumpsters. Trucks. Gear. To those who fish for a livelihood this is the real waterfront. What Marshall brings us are vividly moving unstill-lifes, uniquely situated in this locale. 

Marshall's work has appeared in Art New England: Artists as Witnesses, The New York Times Op-Art: A Flood of Images, Artscope: Katrina Then and Now, and Worcester Living: Bearing Witness. 

   Self Portrait,   Jeffrey Marshall

Self Portrait, Jeffrey Marshall

Magnolia Series

Traps Porfolio

Board Books

Morse-Sibley Wharf

  22" x 30" Conte Crayon and Pastel

22" x 30" Conte Crayon and Pastel

Wharf Life Series

Rocky Neck Series

Knot Series