Earl Dotter

Law & Water Gallery features photographs by Earl Dotter of Gloucester’s waterfront and coastal New England.

An award-winning photojournalist, Dotter has spent his life documenting dangerous working conditions to raise awareness about occupational safety. Law & Water's collection includes photographs from Dotter's exhibit The Price of Fish - a chronicle of commercial fishing -  one of the most perilous occupations.

Dotter 's most recent work is a powerful tribute to the injustice done to asbestos worker. Badges: A Memorial to Asbestos Workers is currently on exhibit at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health from October 26 – December 2, 2015. See There Are Different Ways of Knowinga video montage of Dotter's photos produced for the Department of Work Environment at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell by Susan Steiner & Henry Ferrini

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 Earl Dotter

Earl Dotter

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   Wrecked Bottom    © Earl Dotter

Wrecked Bottom  © Earl Dotter

   The Paint Factory   © Earl Dotter

The Paint Factory © Earl Dotter