Route 1 to Gloucester

Opening Saturday April 29, 2017
Reception 5 - 7 pm

U.S. Route 1 holds its markers not only in the geography, but also in our collective memories. On the road where anything goes, long familiar landmarks are going, going, gone.

Tricia O’Neill tracks the disappearing way posts and milestones on the strip that runs the eastern seaboard. From a dinosaur sentinel to a giant cactus sprouting far from the desert, the old gives way and the new is revealed. O’Neill does more than capture iconic Route 1 images, she locates the spirit of these timeworn monuments in all their faded glory.

And just as Route 1 recedes in the rearview mirror over the horizon of our perceptions another road takes us to where the land runs out. Magnolia, an outlying parish of Gloucester, has been reincarnating itself from a distant past right up to our present post-factual age.  

Michael Prince takes us up, up, up to new heights so we can gain the big picture and then down, down, down to the water’s edge to see what the tide’s brought in. His photographs of objects returned to us by the forces of nature provoke new contemplations of our throwaway world.  Prince’s high-diving Jump series freezes the mid-flight blink in time of youthful joy.

We’ve Prince and O’Neill to thank for slowing us down so we can see where we are and how we got here, but more importantly to let us think about where we’re headed.

Law and Water Gallery is proud to present for your close attention Route 1 to Gloucester.

Tricia O'Neill
Michael Prince