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These miniature vignettes, in weathered wooden boxes, set human figures in ironic, heroic and, sometimes, comic poses. The mixed media backdrops juxtapose found objects, dustbin gleanings, remnants of wood, paper and metal to explore metaphors of law, power, and place.

The re-imagined worlds inside these constructions, shaped and repurposed from our throw-away world, allow multiple verdicts. Law and justice-themed art for home and office.

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Ken Riaf


Bank on Justice

In Pursuit of Justice

Wharf Rats

Digging the Whole

American Laundry

Racer Reaches Rock

A salute to cyclocrossers in Gloucester

Writ Wrote Right

From his jail cell in Florida,
the prisoner Clarence Gideon
pencil wrote a petition to the
United States Supreme Court.

That petition led to a landmark decision establishing a right to counsel for indigent defendants
in state criminal proceedings.

The Supreme Court ordered Gideon’s case to be retried with a lawyer, and he was acquitted of the crime.

A copy of Gideon’s 1961 petition that lead to the rulings serves as the backdrop to the diorama
Writ Wrote Right.

Judging Judges

Former Self Shadow & She’ll Of

Shell & Shadow

Slide Show

Elephant & Gorilla